For large events

Six pony ride                     $600/hour


Large petting zoo               $500/hour


Petting Zoo & Pony rides  $850/hour





All large events have a two hour minumum.  Additional hours will be quoted on an indavidule bases, please call for a Quote.

Travel Fees

.All base prices include 45 miles travel from our place.  The following county ARE within 45 miles from us Alcaua, Levey, Gilcrest, Ocala, Columbia, Swanee.  Other locations travel fee is $1.50/mile after 45 miles.

LittleOnes Petting Zoo             $350

Pony Rides                           $175

Scales and Creepy Things        $250

Jungle Creatures                   $450


Base price is for one hour to an hour and half additional hours are booked on an individual base.  Please ask for a Quote


Base Pricing



      Events and parties under 25 guest


Petting Zoo & Pony Ride       $400


Petting Zoo & Scales and

Creepy Things                       $350


Scales and Creepy Things &

Pony Rides                            $400


Paint a Pony can be added to

any pony ride for $75

Travel Fees

All base prices include 45 miles travel from our place.  The following counties ARE within 45 miles from us Alachua, Levy, Gilchrest, Ocala, Columbia, and Suwannee.  Other locations travel fee is $1.50/mile after 45 miles.

Booking Policies

Weather Policy

  • 50% non refundable deposit is due at the time or booking to hold your date.

  • We accept Visa/MasterCard as well as PayPal. The balance is due upon our   arrival at your event.

  • Once your event is scheduled and booked you may cancel your date and apply the deposit to another day with in 30 day of the original booking. No cancelation may be made less than 24 hour prior to your event. After 30 days the deposit is forfeited.

  • We work rain or shine all events can be done inside if needed. 



All of our programs are held "rain or shine". If it is raining during your event you will need to provide a sheltered area for your event.  We can do pony rides/petting zoo in a garage or other covered area.  All of our other programs can be done anywhere even in your house.