Scale and Creepy Things


This is a great interactive hands one program with lots of photo opportunities.  Guest will have the opportunity to learn about some of the most interest and often miss understood animals.  Scales and Creepy Thing is a unique chance to meet some of our Reptiles and Amphibian up close and very personal, many of the animals in this program can be held and touch by your guest.  Each animal arrives at your event ii its very own "jungle box" and with the children’s help our trainers open each box one at a time to see what surprises await them.  The highlight of the program is our alligator, which each guest will have an opportunity to hold and get there picture with!  The program last about 30-40 minutes and plenty of picture time with the animals after the program.  Scales and Creepy thing can be presented anywhere inside or outside.  There will be 6-8 animals in each program.